Fuel Finder

Fuel Finder is a community of drivers assisting each other to find the lowest gas prices available. A must have application for all drivers.

As gas prices continue to increase at the pumps it's important to know where to get the most value for your money.

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The Perfect Gas App, Fuel Finder

With Amazing benefits.

Increase Savings

Increase Savings!

Save on your monthly gas bill by using Fuel Finder to locate the cheapest gas stations around you.

Discover Services

Discover Services

Discover special services and features around you while traveling such as ATMs, Air Pumps, convenience stores, and more. Comes in very handy while on that road trip or in unfamiliar areas.

How Does it Work
Communtity Membership

Community Membership

Become a part of the first Community in Jamaica that provides a channel for drivers to share gas prices with family and friends.

Our amazing features

Fuel Finder is amazing. Here's why.



Advanced search and filtering capabilities to help find the gas station you are looking for.

Offline Mode

Offline Mode

Browse and make updates even when internet is unavailable.

Real Prices

Real Prices

Prices displayed are actual selling prices at the gas stations, as supposed to recommended selling price typically advertised in the media.

Still unsure? Here's a video promo.

Why you should use Fuel Finder

We are loved across the island

Hear what users say about us!

  • Sigismond McLaughlin
    Sigismond McLaughlin via Google Play

    "Easily see where has the cheapest gas."

  • Norman Braidy
    Norman Braidy via Google Play

    "Very nice and convenient app which aids the everyday driver in saving a dollar."

  • Kenneth Marshall
    Kenneth Marshall via Google Play

    "Clean design... Friction free.. User friendly...Major money saver"

  • Baeowulf
    Baeowulf via Twitter

    "Seriously, if you're in Jamaica and drive, you should be using the @FuelFinderApp. INCREDIBLY useful."

  • Prince.Nonchalant
    Prince.Nonchalant via Twitter

    "@FuelFinderApp is a beauty though."

  • Simmy Chin
    Simmy Chin via Google Play

    "Great app for finding gas stations and gas prices in Jamaica! Beats driving around to find the cheapest gas stations!"

  • Andrae Maragh<
    Andrae Maragh via Google Play

    "Consumers now have the power to help each other fight over priced gas stations."

Elegant with a modern design.

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